Culture Shed, Inc.

Culture Shed is a not-for-profit organization in New York City that will be an international center for artistic and cultural innovation.  Its commitment to leading artists, as well as an ever-evolving mix of disciplines and audiences, will promote an expansive view of culture rarely seen in a single location – one which aims to redefine how we present and participate in the arts and culture.  Culture Shed won’t have a permanent collection; instead it will seek to commission, produce, present, and collaborate with artists, innovators, institutions, and creative industries across the spectrum of artistic and cultural production. Housed in a technically innovative and remarkably agile 200,000 square foot space on Manhattan’s far West Side, at the intersection of the High Line and Hudson Yards, Culture Shed is expressly designed to accommodate the evolving forms of artistic and cultural expression of the future: innovative, fluid, and technologically enabled.  Led by CEO and Artisitc Director Alex Poots, construction is underway on the foundation of Culture Shed, with full construction to begin in mid-2015. 

Beckelman+Capalino is engaged as project manager for Culture Shed.  Our work began with completing the formation of the not-for-profit Culture Shed organization, working with its leadership to convene a Board of Directors, and directing the approval process and community outreach necessary for the completion of the City Planning Zoning Text Amendment process.  Subsequent work completed on behalf of the Culture Shed leadership has included identifying, recruiting and working collaboratively with additional team members such as legal counsel, construction managers, owner’s representatives, and finance, as well as other specialty consultants with expertise relating to aspects of the construction and future operations of the Culture Shed. Throughout its engagement we have worked with the leadership on its